FAQ //

Do you learn special requests?

Absolutely! WGTB will learn 2 songs with at least 4 weeks notice. Our specialty is music from the ’80s to today’s chart-toppers.


Our venue requires liability insurance. Are you covered? 

Most hotels and special event venues require a minimum of $1,000,000.00 in liability insurance. WGTB has a $2,000,000.00 liability policy in place and is happy to provide your venue with proof of insurance.


Can we use your sound system for announcements? 

Sure thing! We are happy to coordinate the announcements with your MC or handle them for you.


Are there any hidden fees? Travel, stage, equipment?

Your entertainment provider will provide you with a turn key price inclusive of travel and our basic rider. WGTB provides ground-supported sound and lighting for up to 500 people in a typical ballroom setting. Staging and electrical service are the client’s responsibility.


What do you wear for formal events?

WGTB wears “hip” cocktail attire for formal events- check out our pictures.


Many of today’s song lyrics contain inappropriate content. How do you handle this situation?

WGTB understands that your guests are all ages and would never perform inappropriate lyrics. We only perform FCC-compliant lyric content.


What time will the band arrive?

We work with your time line. If you need the band set up and all quiet by 6:00pm, we will arrive by 2:00pm.


Please remember that there are no silly questions! Just ask- this is YOUR day and we will do everything possible to ensure that your event is an overwhelming success.